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RZ-028 Blade Liger
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Blade Liger 1
The Blade Liger wasn't that hard to assemble, it was pretty much like all the others, If I had to say a hardest part, it was the legs. Holding them together while trying to align the little holes and things was daunting. Another strange occurance was my dropping of the motor assembly on the floor, breaking the lever in half. (How i fixed it comes later)
As quality goes, this model can safley be rated as high. It barely wobbles when it just stands and the painting was well done. However, the nose area seemed to be missing something... A NOSE!!
Length from nose to tail: 35.5cm (14in) in reality 84 feet long
Width shoulder to shoulder: 9.5cm (3.5in) 21 feet wide
Height toe to ear: 14cm (5.5in) 33 feet tall
Blade Liger 2
Well it seems to be much larger then the other zoids who are lion type. However, the stunning paint job and arrangement of weapons its nice eye candy.
The booster assembly is tight and hard to operate. The wind dampeners on the head area are tight as well and operating them seems like its going to break. The White armor on the ankles in the rear didn't seem to fit there well.
Interesting Points:
This Zoid is the only one in my collection to feature metal parts. Yes, die cast parts! These parts are all 4 feet, the upper jaw and the lower jaw. Bummer the blade wasn't made out of metal too. It also came as a 2-seater, and a tree with Ban, Fiona, and Zeke, but they need to be painted.
It is powererd by 2 AAA batteries, and walks on 4 legs (duh). Its quite heavy, even without the batteries, due to the metal parts I'd assume.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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