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01-24-19I'm updating LUArt which is broken right now due to a PHP upgrade. It needs a lot of love :(
Happier news, LU is now 17 years old. Holy crap. That's more than 1/2 my life lol.
05-04-13It's been a while again, but I think I might be dusting off good ol' LU for a redesign afterall! From an announcement by Tomy, the model line (for now) is being revitalized!
"To celebrate the ZOIDS 30th anniversary, in 2013, the official online shop will revive the sale of ZOIDS by Takara Tomy, with a new line called "ZOIDS ORIGINAL". It will start as the development of the concept art story, rather than reproducing previous products. ZOIDS ORIGINAL is a new series that is built on the bases of the new story. Please enjoy, along with the story, the rebirth of the ZOIDS series!"
How fitting that the first announcement for this was on my birthday???
Zoids Original
03-08-122012 must be the year of zoids revitalization. I just spent 140 bucks on a 'Fire Fox' on eBay, and an old friend of LU opened its doors back up. Masters of Zi has reopened, and is an official affiliate! Welcome back!HaTcH
01-14-12Its been a while since anyone has asked to be linked to LU, but Vega over at DarkZoids said he brought the site back up, and is anxious to get linked back into the groove! Please welcome DarkZoids back, and a moment of silence for those sites I had to regretably remove from the links page, such as Stompy's Custom Zoids, Zoids Royal Victories, MMM, Phenotype's, and others.
Oh, also, LU is actually 10 years old now! I've also modified LUArt, so that links from the rest of the site go to the review page, and not the user list page.



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