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RZ-013 Cannon Tortoise
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Cannon Tortoise
This was very simple to put together. It had very few parts but did have some mechanics
to it.
I wont say that this is a 'High' quality model, but it is o.k. Of anything that is cool about it has to be the huge cannon. It doesen't wobble at all and ismore or less sturdy.
Length from nose to tail (extended): 14cm (5.5in)
Width shoulder to shoulder: 8cm (3.25in)
Height toe to ear (gun down): 7.5cm (3in)
I rate its looks as dirt, due to its color and its size. It looks like a turd in all honesty. I use it to just fill up space where i display other models.
With something this small, how can it have bugs? But there is one! The door on the back opens and closes hard.
Interesting Points:
No interesting points except mabey the head going in and out...
This zoid runs on a wind up spring. It is on all fours and as it walks the head bobs in and out.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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