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RZ-042 Command Wolf AC (Brad)
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Command Wolf 1
The Command Wolf was enjoyable to build as far as im concerned. Next to the Fox, it is my favorite zoid anyway. Putting the legs onto the zoid and having it be able to walk was probably the most difficult part.
Quality on this one is medium. It feels fragile in the hands but the paint job is thourough and the two weapon systems are very nice. The decals for it were well chosen too. It stands straight up and walks a straight line.
Length from nose to tail: 20.5cm (8in) in realiy it is 48 feet wide
Width shoulder to shoulder: 8cm (3in) 18 feet wide
Height toe to antenna: 13.5cm (5in) 30 feet tall
Command Wolf 2
Serious eye candy. The decals and paint are the biggest contributors, but the guns help too ;-).
You need to wind it substantially before it will actually move.
Interesting Points:
The gun is replaceable with a second one, and tilting the neck up and down determines the speed at which the Zoid will walk.
It is powererd by a wind up spring, and walks on 4 legs. Its very light, but ill ballanced.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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