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RZ-031 Dibison
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Dibison 1
Well, the bigger they are the tougher it is to put together (i hate to think about the Berserk Fury). There was many parts and decals. This time, the neck area is was a rather difficult area to assemble.
This zoid has a certain aura to it that just says good. I didn't like the fact that on the box it showed the horns and hoofs as being chrome plated or something, but they came out to be jsut plain old grey plastic, bummer. Due to its width it is very stable.
Length from horn to tail: 28.5cm (11in) in reality, 66 feet long
Width shoulder to shoulder: 11cm (4.5in) 27 feet wide
Height hoof to hump: 14.5cm (5.5in) 33 feet tall
Dibison 2
The colors are rather boring, black green and grey, but i guess if you look at a steer or something it has pretty boring colors too. Does it have enough weapons? heh
Nothing too serious, it doesen't walk too gracefully, but thats about the extent of it.
Interesting Points:
As it walks the head moves up and down, the cannons are all fully adjustable and there is a compartment in the hump where a dude sits witha satellite dish. It was alos the Zoid of Leena and Thomas.
It is powererd by 1 AA battery, and walks on 4 legs. Its quite heavy, especially in the front.
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