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EZ-038 Elephander
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Elephander 1
This was so far the most difficult zoid to build. It had alot of reinforcing parts and not to mention the trunk. Putting that together was the hardest thing.
Very nice model, I haven't put the decals on yet, partially because I lost the decal sheet. It has big feet an that contributes to its stabillity.
Length from trunk to tail: 31cm (12in) in reality 72 feet long
Width ear to ear: 12.5cm (5in) 30 feet wide
Height toe to gun: 17cm (6.5in) 39 feet tall
Elephander 2
This zoid's colors are very well chosen, the blue and grey do it justice. It also has many customizable parts. If you ever noticed, the head of it changes in the show, as it does here. I will have pictures sometime for it.
No real problems with it here except when it walks, it sorta stops moving... and then jerks back into motion. I think its the trunks doing.
Interesting Points:
The customizable parts are what is so special about this zoid. Nothing else really. I mean it walks and has a bunch of weapons but what zoid dosent? (except liger zero)
It is powererd by 1 AA battery, and walks on 4 legs. Its weight is well balanced, just like a real elephant.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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