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RZ-030 GunSniper (WW unit comming soon)
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Gun  Sniper 1
The Sniper was probably the easiest of the models i have to build. Its size contributes.
Well i can find nothing wrong with it. Its pretty stable and the color of it is accurate. The decals, although few and far between, are just big enough.
Length from gun barrel to tail: 16cm (6.5in) in reality, 39 feet long
Width shoulder to shoulder: 6cm (2.5in) 15 feet wide
Height toe to ear: 10cm (4in) 24 feet tall
Gun Sniper 2
Relatively small don't you think? I do like the snipe gun and the Zoid's overall appearance. However, on the boosters, the 2 phillips screws look bad.
The major problems with this model can be narrowed down to two things; the booster assembly's opperation and the way it walks. The booster doesen't fit properly on the sniper's back, it seems to be stretched to the point where it breaks. It wont seem to walk a straight line very well.
Interesting Points:
Well, when you push the tabs on top of the booster, they extend. As it walks, the arms move up and down.
This Zoids power comes from a wind up coil spring. It is light and cheap, thus one can build a veritable army of them.
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