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RZ-041 Liger Zero
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Liger Zero 1
This wasn't too easy to build mind you. The whole head assembly was the difficult part. The way the jaw moves as it walks was an interesting design, and it took a little thinking to get it right.
A little shakey on its feet but beyond that, the zero is one of my better quality Zoids.
Length from nose barrel to tail: 31cm (12.5in) in reality, 75 feet long
Width shoulder to shoulder: 9.5cm (4in) 24 feet wide
Height claw to booster: 12cm (5in) 30 feet tall
Liger Zero 2
Its a one of a kind Zoid, I like the way it looks with its fierce stare and the spreadable claws. The white on black paint job also adds to it.
On one of the front lower leg armor attachments, the armor didn't stay attached very well. When I turned it on, it flew off. Also the joint on one of its legs needed to be filed down to allow walking.
Interesting Points:
The claws are fully poseable, the legas are fully articulated and it has a sleek look.
This Zoids power comes from 2 AAA batteries and walks on two legs. Mass produceable, a good bet for a small army.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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