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RZ-010 Ptera Striker
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Ptera Striker 1
I found absolutely nothing hard about this model. If I had to say anything was hard, there was probably the area around the power house.
Nothing really is loose or shakey about this model. It has wide feet, and stabilizers on the tail which make it pretty stable.
Length from tail to nose: 11cm (4.5in) in reality, 27 feet long
Width wing to wing (extended): 24cm (9.5in) 57 feet wide
Height toe to head: 11cm (4.5) 27 feet tall
I like the blue on grey, and the declas on this particular model look great.
I didnt like the fact that the head didn't tilt back.
Interesting Points:
As it walks, the wings move up and down, the weapons are all fully adjustable.
It is powererd by a small wind up coil spring, and walks on 2 legs. Very light.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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