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RZ-046 Shadow Fox
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Shadow Fox 1
This zoid presented sufficient challenge in the area of the main gun. Its kind of hard to figure out how the directions want it to be anchored. (Especially when they come in Japanese!) Lots of shaving of parts from trees, watching out for the paint.
Hasbro or Tomy? Tomy of course! Its very durable and seems solid when it stands or walks. I don't like the way the legs are fashioned though, the only joint is where the zoid's legs meet the claws. The rotating laser vulcan gun is a bit shakeyin the turret but works well. Its head moves about a total of 10-20 degrees (don't have a protractor a.t.m.) and its tail goes between 2 settings and opens up to release the net. The gun is also fully poseable.
Length from nose to tail: 24cm (9.25in) in reality, 55.5 feet long
Width shoulder to shoulder: 6cm (2.5in) 15 feet wide
Height claw to gun: 12cm (4.5in) 27 feet tall
Shadow Fox 2
Sharp. Sleek. Detailed. These are perfect to describe the zoid. The pictures don't do it justice (so i'll fix em). It has many pre painted parts, but I cant wait to get a couple of gundam markers.
Cockpit doesn't close all the way. It leaves a gap.
Interesting Points:
The gun spins and head moves. It also is the best wind-up walker I have.
It is powererd by a coil spring, and walks on 4 legs. It is very light, thus I can see why it is so maneuverability.
Rewiewed by HaTcH (zoider2k@netscape.net)

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