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RZ-028 Blade Liger
Up one Level
Blade Liger 1
Not very hard to build, Takes about an hour and a half or so. Be careful when building the Red Blade Liger, the pieces are alot more tighter than the Blue Blade Ligers pieces, thus, it will be harder to take apart upon making a mistake. No problems for me, I messed up a few times on the boosters, be sure to study that page of directions a few times.
Peg Customization:
Not a great zoid for peg customization. If you don't mind about it's lack of pegs, The Blade Ligers do have their own CP, Its a booster which attaches tightly to the top of the blades. Ok back to Peg customization, The BladeLigers ONLY have pegs on the ends of their tails.
Cut Customization:
Haven't customized a Blade Liger YET, But there aren't many flat surfaces and when there are, there covered up by a leg or something.
Blade Liger 2
The Blade Ligers come with Shield Liger parts. These parts include, Shield Generator, Triple Impact Cannon, 2 8shot Rocket Pods, Different tail and others. Moth Moves, Blade Ligers Walk lol..
Written by Night_PK

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