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Blade Liger Black Impact / RZ-028
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Blade Liger BI 1
The hardest thing on my Blade Liger BI was the legs or head. They are both easy if you've been doing this for a while but they are the hardest things. The booster on his back was a bit complicated admittedly. The blade instructions lied to me however. When I followed them, the blade was backwards and totally ran into the shoulder. As I had to deny the (Japanese) instructions and do that simple three-piece job myself.
Top-quality is a safe bet. He's stable and smooth without any wobbling if done correctly. I've read two Blade Liger reviews both talking about tight-fitting parts. My Blade Liger Black Impact seems to be immune to this... His parts fit perfectly though you must check to see if there is a piece of plastic jutting out of the part from it's packaging. This is a general rule.
About 5 1/1 inches from toe to the top of the long white-and-grey thing that is part of the mane? (Real life = 12.2 meters) Around 8 inches nose to butt, plus a 6-inch tail. (Real life = 25.9 meters including tail) His speed in real life would be about 305 kilometers per hour.
I *heart* my Blade Liger BI. He has die cast parts: Both top fangs, both bottom fangs, and all four claws. The sides of his mane and the white parts of the shoulder/hip armour opens for the blade attack, the booster opens, and of course the blades-that-own are fully poseable. They can come up off the back, down off the sides, and from there, they can rotate forewards for the thing that Van used to kill the Deathsaurer. He comes with a few Shield Liger parts kinda like the Geno Breaker comes with Geno Saurer parts. These parts include: the bottom shield generator, pulse gun on the back, and the tail.
Blade Liger BI 2
Bugs? On the Blade Liger BI? Err, the die cast legs make him heavier though he walks fast despite that. My Liger's top left fang is wobbly nat that that is any noticable... That's it. Oh, and the cockpit has room for two. I understand the blue Blade Liger comes with a Van/Ban, Fiona, and Zeke model. This is the review for Blade Liger Black Impact from Fuzors, I never watched Fuzors though, it won't come with Fiona or Zeke or Van/Ban. It will come with a regular pilot model.
Interesting Points:
Oh, the blades, I simply love his blades. The colors too, gray/silver and white is lovely. As said before, his cockpit holds two seats though he only comes with one.
Powered by two AAA batterys. Walks on four feet, else it wouldn't be a Liger... 0.o
Other Comments:
Real life measurements/speed from Metal Machine Music.

Oh my gosh I love my Blade Liger BI.
Blade Liger BI 3
Written by Brial 06/05/07

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