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Berserk Fury/EZ-49
Up one Level
It was my first zoid I've ever got. It's very hard to build. The only probelms I had were the neck and legs. I could'nt get them to move right, but I fixed that after reasmbling the legs again.
This zoid is safe (kinda) but the only thing is a few pieces will come off.
I would say abou "6 inches" from head to tail. NOT REALLY SURE BUT THAT'S WHAT I THINK.
A Lavender like color. A very good looking zoid. It has battle blades,particle gun(in the mouth), silver claws,silver teeth, red eyes, and no guns, except the particle gun.
The battle blades fall off everytime I play with him and the white thing under the battery pack keeps coming off. (by the legs)That's about it.
Interesting Points:
You can pose the battle blades anyway you like, pose the claws, and even make him do the famous particle attack.
He's very light you take all the armor off to make him look like the fury on the t.v show before he got his armor. (my favorite part) Anyway you can fuse him with the buster eagle (haven't got one yet)And he's powered by a motor.
Written by Wolfe Susaku 6/13/04

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