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Gojulas Giga
Up one Level
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This zoid was kinda hard to build but not as challanging as the berserk fury. It was very hard for me to put together the tail and neck.
Not very good because he loses parts easily.
As big as the berserk fury, fire phoenix and dark spiner. I would say he's about "6 or 7 inches" long from head to tail.
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She's grey, blue and black in some areas. Silver teeth,cockpit cover, and claws on her arms. The claws on her feet are black. She has clear eyes and they GLOW UP coooool huh.
The little black things on the tail comes off sometimes, the arms come off, and sometimes the tail spines come off.
Interesting Points:
Has a tail laser,mounted gun in the mouth, particle standers on her ankles. (like the little things the berserk fury has on the back on his feet but the giga has spikes on her's)
Heavy because its so big. The gojulas giga is powered by a motor on her stomach.
Written by Wolfe Susaku

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