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Gojulas Giga
Up one Level
Was not too hard, but don't let its look fool you. It may look like it would have large pieces, but it had many little ones;one leg was made up of 32 pieces. The hardest part is attaching the tail and head.
semi-good, the arms tend to fall off sometimes.
Length: [from tail to nose] 1ft 3.5in In reality 29m
Hight:[from head to foot] 9.5in In reality 17m
wieght:[im estamating] 1.5bl (could be more or less) In reality 200tons
Intresting pionts:
It has two different modes;
Pursuit mode: its in more of a crouching position, its eyes glow red and it roars.
Battle mode: its in more of a standing position , its eyes glow green and it does not roar.
Its also compatible with other zoid parts, but I found out that it is semi-compatible with the Phoenix.
Other Info:
It is powered by 2 AA and 2 AAA batteries.
Written by Tiger Dan

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