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Fire Phoenix/BZ-108
Up one Level
It wasn't a challange at all. It took me about 20 to 30 minutes to build.
Kinda good
I think about "5 inches" wingspan going all the way across
She's red and yellow (my phoenix is a girl) She has green eyes, yellow feathers, red wings, head,neck,leg armor, ect. Also has grey blox and and giant missile.
The beak kept coming off. (USED SUPER DUPER GLUE TO GLUE ON) The head crest comes off and the tail. That's about it.
Interesting Points:
Combine it with zero, mouth can open and close, can posion head,wings,feet,and tail anyway you like.
Very light and is not a moterized or wind up zoid.
Written by Wolfe Susaku 6/13/04

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