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Shadow Fox/RZ-046
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Shadow Fox 1
The Shadow Fox is a wind-up zoid model, and very simple. If I had to choose a hard part, the 30mm Vulcan on the back was hard-ish. The many little parts were confusing, the instrucions helped little. (Mine were in Japanese)
Top-quality it is, the Shadow Fox is my best wind-up. (She's my ONLY wind-up ever scince my Command Wolf got banged up, Gunsniper and Spinosnapper 'disappeared' pity, I have a greater love for those now... ) Anyways, back to Shadow Fox. Her head is stable, her legs are one-piece and thus, you've got a very VERY slim chance of breaking them. (Unless you've got younger siblings, which I don't.)
hadow Fox is roughly 9 1/2 inches long nose to tail tip, in reality 17.3 meters. She is 2 inches wide shoulder to shoulder (maybe a bit wider at the hips), width unknown to me in real life. Her hight is around 4 1/2 inches and 8 meters in reality. Her top speed in real life is 290 kilometers per hour.
Oh, I've wanted to fill this part out... Shadow Fox is a great model. Her tail moves up and down into two poses and opens to find a removable net-launcher. Her head-neck joint can go up, down, and side to side. Her neck-body joint moves up and down. Of course the Vulcan is fully poseable. The gold-on-black-on-silver really works out great. Very simple and smooth with not a lot of added bulk.
Shadow Fox 2
the cockpit doesn't close all the way but it is firm and doesn't open when you turn her upside down. Not a bug but, the legs are one-pieced. I had just built the Geno Breaker so I was used to legs with 3-10 parts. Also, the silver part on the side of the gun fall off now and then.
Interesting Points:
The net-ejecter in the tail comes out of the tail to become a sort of 'key' to turn the wind-up.
Powered by a small wind up motor.
Other Comments:
Lovely zoid, not many flaws and the flaws she has are minor. Quite detailed and well painted. Second favorite to my Blade Liger Black Impact. If your new at this, throw away the Molga or Heldigunner and get Shadow Fox, she's simple but your result is awesome.

Note: Real life weight/speed/height/etc... from Metal Machine Music
Written by Brial 06/04/07

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