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Very easy for me to build. Only took about 53 minutes. Don't be fooled by it's large size, it's really rather easy. The pieces are huge and the Instructions are great (For Japanese too). Don't forget to add in pieces in the first few pages, These are very vital, the guns and legs connect to some of these, not to mention that it will be hard to take the body apart, even at this point.
Peg Customization:
Peg customization, not customization with cutting, but customizing by taking parts/guns off of other zoids and sticking them on others. The UltraSaurus has a wide variety of sized pegs. So far every gun/part I've tried to stick on it has fit on great. The pegs aren't brittle also, like some other zoids.
Cut Customization:
Though I haven't customized a UltraSaurus yet, I predict it will be hard to. Most of the surfaces are flat, but most of these surfaces are filled with guns and hangars etc.
No Picture
The UltraS comes with quite a bit of things. Its has a hangar on it's back which can hold a mini hovercraft. It has a concealed ramp on its lowers chest which lowers to reveal another hovercraft. The Place in which the pilot sits seems to be another mini hovercraft type thing. Also the head lights up red.
I would have to say 10 out of 10, it's an awesome zoid and comes with many great things.
Review Written by Night_PK

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