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EZ-016 Zaber Fang/Holotech
Up one Level
Zaber Fang 1
Not very difficult to build, the hardst part is the jaw mecanism which leaves you unable to put the Zoid down until you add the head armour.
Sooo Cool, completly see through and its teeth, claws and guns are a lighter grey than the Red Zaber Fang model.
No bigger than the Red Zaber Fang or any of the Ligers.
Zaber Fang 2
No real bugs just the legs are inclined to click and you may have to connect them a few times before they work right.
Interesting Points:
Again see through and it looks great in sunlight.
Battery powered.
Well worth getting i highly recommend this model its a great first one and also a brilliant addition to a collection.
Rewiewed by Lionessmon (lionessmon@hotmail.com)

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