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03-08-122012 must be the year of zoids revitalization. I just spent 140 bucks on a 'Fire Fox' on eBay, and an old friend of LU opened its doors back up. Masters of Zi has reopened, and is an official affiliate! Welcome back!HaTcH
01-14-12Its been a while since anyone has asked to be linked to LU, but Vega over at DarkZoids said he brought the site back up, and is anxious to get linked back into the groove! Please welcome DarkZoids back, and a moment of silence for those sites I had to regretably remove from the links page, such as Stompy's Custom Zoids, Zoids Royal Victories, MMM, Phenotype's, and others.
Oh, also, LU is actually 10 years old now! I've also modified LUArt, so that links from the rest of the site go to the review page, and not the user list page.
08-09-10Fixed an issue in LUArt where an image with a reaaaally long name would cause the thumb, toe, and or image itself to not show up. I also made it so the background color of new thumbnails is black to match the website. I might go back through at some point and re-generate the thumbs so the colors match. Later!HaTcH
12-05-09Snow! Just getting in the spirit! :)
Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays from Liger's Union
08-01-09August first already. Wow. It certainly is nice not to have to go back to school at the end of this month! :D On to Liger's U business, I was approached by a team who has put together a new Zoids site and have approached me about affiliating with them, which seems to me like an awesome idea! Promote Zoids: Royal Victories! Check em out!HaTcH
04-22-09New model review for a never before seen zoid, the Death Stinger, done by Ammy. Well done review too.None-Other-Than
02-24-09So like.. wow. I made an update to the site.. :P You know its bad when a year-anniversary shows up on the same page as the previous years's! Ah well. Liger's Union is now 7. :D The update was adding a link to Zoids Lair. Welcome to my links page!HaTcH
07-06-08We're still here, still kickin it! Happy fouth of July everybody. Keep the fanarts coming! :DHaTcH
02-17-08Got a model review, first of its kind in from DarkFang over here this one of a Kotobukiya Blade Liger! Thanks bud!HaTcH
01-31-08First post of '08, and it happens to be Liger's Union's...
6th Birthday!
Wooo! Still goin strong! :D *dance*
12-13-07Did some updating of LUart, made the full view thing look way more integrated, than just a white page with an image on it. Thanks to everyone for continuing to be here! :DHaTcH
10-26-07ZOMG! :D 50000 hits today! Thank you so much to everyone who's helped make LU great! Heres to another 50k!HaTcH
09-24-07Got around to fixing the links up around the site. (Yeah, Tilly, FINALLY got you up as an affiliate :p) Also removed some old references to bearcreekfire.com. Thats all for now!HaTcH
09-15-07CC episode 14 screenies now up. And these are open for anyone! :DHaTcH
08-27-07Nothing really big in the last few months.. I did update the front page so instead of the broken links to top sites, I'm displaying 5 random links from my links page. Want to be included? Give me an 88x31 graphic and return the link! :DHaTcH
06-23-07Fixed a glitch in LUart where users (like robots) who don't support cookies were artificially inflating view counts on images and especially galleries. The system now uses IPs to track visitors instead of a random character string. I'd also like to welcome our newest users!HaTcH
06-04-07Received 2 new model reviews from Brial. Geno Breaker and Shadow Fox.HaTcH
06-02-07LUart is done. Tons of new features to list. But the most recent additions are: Tags. Whos viewing who. Highlighting of image last viewed. JOIN UP! WOOHaTcH
05-12-07New model review from Lionessmon, this one is of the KFM Berserk Fury. Including pics!HaTcH
05-03-07I want to appologize to everybody interested in the Zoid Union Web Ring, I just today found out that it was pointing to the old LU server which has been taken down. So if you were getting 404s, you shouldn't be any more! Spread the word. ;) On the subject of LUart, I've been taking steps (albiet slowly) to convert it from using a text file database to SQL, and adding a tags feature and a couple of others. I'll keep you posted!HaTcH
04-03-07I've done some more feature adding to LUart. Now, you can delete comments you have made on other people's images (its even got a pretty delete icon). I've also re-worked the 'Modify' menu command, so that instead of printing out an ugly list of file names, it prints out the thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.HaTcH
02-02-07Pretty much every year I do the same thing... miss LU's birthday. Oh well, I caught it pretty close this time! But hey, 5 years baby! (O_o;)HaTcH
01-30-07Go figure.. I was forced to close the account! :D Whatever. Some minor updates to LUart, being an Active Users list. Plenty of new art from our users too!HaTcH
01-22-07I can't believe that someone would take my AMVs upload them and call them as their own. Well to rectify this situation, I've opened a YouTube account and will be uploading some of the videos there. The nerve of some people...HaTcH
01-19-07Removed a bunch of dead links from the Links section. Also, LU's 5th Birthday is coming up! Wow!HaTcH
12-17-06'Nother model review from Lionessmon, Seismosaurusus. Pictures included!HaTcH
12-13-06Some new material added by the users on LUart and also a new user Review of the Zaber Fang Holotech. This time, its got pictures! Thanks Lionessmon! Ah crap... Looks like I killed the last 2 entries on the fanlist.. again. Sorry to those who signed it after the 19th of Nov. :(HaTcH
11-23-06After getting home from work today, I felt like programming some stuff.. So I modified LUart again. This time I made it so all passwords are encrypted and there is now a password reset/recovery utility.HaTcH
11-19-06After literally years of waiting, LU finally has some fresh fanfic material! Thanks Sakura Courage Solo! Check it out here. Update! My eBay purchase of the Zoids Quilt Cover finally came yesterday and I spent the morning today setting it up. Pic 1 Pic 2. This is definately a must for any Zoids fan! Get one!HaTcH
11-05-06Gee, LUart seems to be all I'm posting about it seems! Oh well, have some news: I added larger thumbnails for every image that are displayed whenever a visitor clicks on a smaller thumbnail, or clicks 'view comments'. I also added a nice back link to those pages as well. What else.. oh yeah, just some minor fiddling around with alignments and stuff.HaTcH
10-02-06Absolutely Nothing. (But still alive!) C'mon users! Poke LUart! Well.. by way of updates, I will be cropping out non-linking entries to the webring.HaTcH
09-21-06More LUart focus! Fixed some glitches, added some features, worked out some new forms of implementation.. Life is good. Still looking for feedback though, give it a whirl, if you think of something I should add, don't be afraid to use the guest book or contact me directly! Later!HaTcH
09-10-06YEAH!!! Finally did it. I got a domain for Liger's Union! >>http://www.ligersunion.com/ And the server is faster, has more robust features, and is cheaper! ROCK ON. In other news, another year of college started recently. Its going pretty good, and I've got some ideas for LU and its partner sites. Stay tuned. "Liger's Union :: The Current State of the Union is, We Have no Current State."HaTcH
08-15-06Haven't posted for a while, but stuff has been getting done. Some minor updates here and there, but well... I added a comment feature to LUart and fixed the links to ZGO.HaTcH
07-01-06The new system is done and is ready for you to register! Almost 1000 lines of code all together, and its got a kinda Fanart Centralness to it. Give it a try! As with all other Liger's Union releases, its free, unlimited, and fun! New features will be added soon also! Check it out.HaTcH
06-21-06Again, with the 'its takin me forever to update the site' but I finally got LoneDrifter's latest work up. Click Here(Horned Liger). And to make future submissions way easier, I've started writing a gallery program where our fanartists will register a username/account and be able to upload art to the site themselves! =DHaTcH
06-12-06Ok lets see, 2 new fanarts to report! King Liger did a new twist on an old favorite, called the Tsuno Raiga(Horned Liger). I also posted a drawing of an old favorite, the Barigator!HaTcH
06-06-06OMG! 666 Scarey! To celebrate, enjoy a new AMV I made to Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly". Click here.HaTcH
05-03-06I guess with the future release of zoids genesis (and the fansubs) the Murasame Liger is getting quite popular. LU has recieved yet another great fan-artist, Hobbit Guitarist. Give her fanart a look over.HaTcH
04-28-06Have some more LD art! Go Murasame Liger! Also, with a little inspiration from JammerLea, I created a magazine head called LigerType. A site will follow, and hopefully a monthly update too! =3HaTcH
04-27-06Yay! To further my love of zoidey fanart, I would like to announce that Lone Drifter has submitted a new pic, this one of a Tiger type Zoid. Sw00t!HaTcH
03-25-06No news to report in over a month? O_o Ack! Well we're still here, and now with more fanart! In honor of my 19th, Momonga sent me an excellent Birthday Pic! Thanks sooo much!HaTcH
02-27-062 pretty large updates to mention, first off, SilverLiger sent in a Gildragon fanart: wooo!!. Also, nobody told me about it and its been a long time, but its finally fixed, the Liger Zero Commercial AMV. Oh, also ordered a Murasame Liger model from tsinc99.HaTcH
01-27-06Here it is, SilverLiger's first fanart to LU: I am a link. HaTcH
01-25-06Well everyone, guess what? Today at 3:20, Liger's Union will be celebrating its 4th birth day! W00000t =] Thanks to eveyone who has contributed, making LU what it is today!HaTcH
01-24-06Yay! More sweet fanart was submitted, this time by TigerDan. Its a really detailed dragon type zoid. Definately worth poking: clickety. More fanart! Lets go! =D (Still Awaiting a pic from Silverliger)HaTcH
01-11-06In an AIM conversation with Momonga, some of her fun zoidey fanart was submitted to LU. You can take a look at it here. I love getting fanart, so everyone, lets see those images! I also did some work on the webring, nothing seeable to the user, but its been modified.HaTcH
01-08-06Sw00t! I decided to add a sitemap to the Union, as I don't think everyone realises that almost every segment in the navbar has more than one page associated with it. If you missed the link on the splash page, you can view it here.HaTcH
12-18-05Strangely enough, I never announced my newest AMV to the zoids community here at LU... Well, its done, and I think its the best one yet *poke*. Its the one called "The Capital Ablaze." I FINALLY added the Sound bytes section under Media. Go, have a look.HaTcH
12-15-05Turning focus from school to zoidy zoidy zoids! Yay! Firstly a look at what has been done. Umm, not much. I did fix the Fanlist code, so thats all good. What else... Probably did some minor tweaks here and there. You know, the usual. its late now, I'll do more soon.HaTcH
10-16-05Well I blew my 4 day weekend doing other non-Liger's Union-ey stuff. So there won't be any major updates for a little bit. I have fixed the CC 04 screen shot pages, and I am currently working on a new totally php driven model review section. This is gonna take some work, but I have it sortof working.HaTcH
09-28-05\m/>.<\m/ SICK... added 65 brand new screenshots to NC/0 episode 25. Its crazy.. They're soooo good.HaTcH
09-21-05In an effort to revitalize the inert zoids community, a new forum has been created called Zoids Portal. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, and if you have a Zoids site, get it listed. Check Links below for the url.HaTcH
09-17-05After updating nearly every single page's navbar (one of these days I'm just going to use includes...) I have successfully incorporated the Fanlist and Web Ring into the main flow of the site. Click on 'Zoid Union' to check it out.HaTcH
09-13-05Well, I've been sitting on a few updates, and today is the day they get posted. First off, Stompy says that ZGC is closed, :(, Stompy submitted some fanart, and TigerDan wrote a review. Finally, I've decided to encorporate the FanList directly into the LU layout.. That'll come later on. Have a good one, and don't forget 9/11.HaTcH
09-03-05Aside from a few tweaks here and there, coupled with my lack of time now that college started, updated will once again be a little fewer and farther between. However, I have a new AMV for you to check out, this one was a quicky but its still a goody. Click here called, Zoid Pilots in Love.HaTcH
08-17-05On the menu for today: More screenshots! I finished up CC DVD 2. So now I've got a complete list from 1-12. I also went ahead and added screenshots of the opening titles of each episode.HaTcH
08-16-05This is great! I finally added some new DVD Screens! Added CC episode 9, 26, and 38, and also added more images to NC episodes 10, 11, 12, and 23. I invented a new system to make it easier to pan out screenies, so expect plenty more in the near future! Later.HaTcH
07-30-05Ok, now this is gonna sound kinda funny, but the Fanlisting is back up and running. For the past 2 months its been sitting there not working because of a stupid paren that was missing... Blasted! linky!. Also added Creative Insanity to the link section and updated the link to Jammer's O'Connell Site. And finally, the Webring code has pretty much been redone. Check it out here.HaTcH
07-09-05Finally we've gotten some new fanart from Berserk Orange Fury. Its some pretty neat computer graphic art with an interesting backstory. (maybe you should write a fanfic BOF!! ;) ). Click Here.HaTcH
06-20-05To facilitate mass updates on the site, I wrote another great Application like TextGen except this one searches and changes textfiles automatically. More about it can be found on my program website, H-Soft. Click 'projects'.HaTcH
06-12-05Just got done coding a Zoids Fanlist. If you would like to join, check it out here.HaTcH
06-09-05Finally graduated high school! woooooooooooooooo!!!!! Yep, finally did it, next stop... college! Well beyond that, I reuploaded the Boys are Back AMV with a version that fixed various mistakes, and then sat on my hard drive for a few months before I realised I hadn't uploaded it. So there you go, check it out under media.HaTcH
05-15-05TigerDan has submitted some new fanart, this time of a dolphin/shark type zoid. Check it out here.HaTcH
05-13-05The Webring is comming along fine, my 8th CC DVD shipped. I know, I know, I'm way behind on screen shots... Anyway, Koneko from Generation Zi sent in a TON of new fanart for me to share with everyone. Check it out here.HaTcH
05-08-05Ok, I spent most of yesterday at work, but I came home stayed up til 1:30 and worked on the Zoid Union Web Ring!!! Yeah! Its done!!!11!.HaTcH
05-07-05Ahh, the weekend finally! Haven't seen any fanart in a LONG time... whered everybody go? Anyway, I'd like to announce The ZGC as our new affiliate!! Seems Toonami Coalition doesn't return link :/. Well, its great to have some me time.HaTcH
05-05-055-5-5 hmm kinda neat... Farted around with the fonts and colors just a tad, I don't know if I like the sans-serif font everywhere, but whatever. If you have any suggestions, you can use the guest book or drop me an email. Later!HaTcH
04-17-05Well it has certainly been a while since the last update, sorry. I've had so much going on and also a string of 9 days of beautiful weather! So needless to say I've been outside alot. Hopefully I'll soon be back to work on the guides. Later! (send that fan work peoples!)HaTcH
04-02-05Well, happy April, hopefully your weekend weather is better than mine, rain wind.. bleh. Anyway, I've uploaded the second cut of my Imagine AMV. Its a little better than the original I think, but not exactly how I want it. Check it out under Media.HaTcH
03-21-053rd update in a row! This time its of the screenshot section, I added a crap load of screenies for NC0 Ep 3. Also, thanks Tilly for the correct spelling of Omari!HaTcH
03-20-05Did the reviews for the first DVD, I think they came out pretty good. I'm hoping to get more done asap.HaTcH
03-19-05Worked on the Guides section for Zoids New Century episodes. Theres no reviews so the links'll take you to a 404 page, but the main page looks pretty good. Later on I hope to get to putting up the ep info. CC won't be done for a while though.HaTcH
03-16-05We've got yet another fanartist! woohoo! The name is Murkrow and you can check their art out here.HaTcH
03-14-05Excellent! More fanart from Tigerdan this time, of a raptor zoid, which will be colored in the future. Also, instead of using that crappy pink folder icon to display new stuff, I decided to add another cell to the table and if there is new artwork, a star will appear next to the icon of the artist.HaTcH
03-13-05Got a new FanArtist, DJ whose first picture sent here is of a Concept car based of the Liger Zero! Worth checking out ;) Also did a bit of touch up work on the guest book, apparently PHP likes to automatically escape special characters in strings, so I'm becomes I\'m.. Well I fixed that problem!HaTcH
02-25-05I added a new section that needs to be filled in with data (if anyone would like to help out, email me) called Guides, and I redid some of the CSS and added a couple of new images to New Century episode 24. I also updated TextGen to be able to automatically (if you tell it to that is) parse all sub directories within a directory. (folder)HaTcH
02-24-05I made a new drawing of Liger Zero Jager, you can find that on my fanart page. Lone drifter also has a new fanart picture of a Blade Liger. Other than that, you guys/gals gotta start signing that guest book! ;) HaTcH
02-13-05Well I hope you've all got your Valentines picked out! ;) Converted the Model Review submission form to PHP, so thats working now too. =] I <3 PHP. I also put up the lyrics section under media.HaTcH
02-12-05Well I was in a bit of a PHP kick, so I self coded my visit counter on the front page and also did the guestbook section. (Neato PHP forum ;)).HaTcH
02-09-05Due to the crap with Anzwers server, I finally secured a professional host. So YEAH! LU's BACK! And what better way to celebrate but a new fanartist, Spiner.HaTcH
01-28-05TGIF! Well I really can't upload any new stuff until Feb. 15.. Gawd that sucks... but by the time you see this, everything will be uploaded, including cc08 screenshots.HaTcH
01-27-05Started doing screenies for the second DVD. Man am I behind! Well ep7 is now up.HaTcH
01-23-05Well last weekend was a disaster... Had to type the research paper on a typewriter due to the lack of POWER!! >.< blasted weather!! Anyway, I did up the CC episode 6 Screenies finishing off dvd 1. And I got word that DVD 6 is already in transit here! YAY! This update would have been uploaded on the 16th, but anzwers was having some server trouble.HaTcH
01-08-05Tigerdan has sent in a ermastered copy of one of his liger zero pics. Also, I intend to do some more screenies this weekend, but I have to write a research paper... We'll see how much time I'll have left over..HaTcH
01-03-05New AMV, wooo! Check the media page for 'Boys Are Back'.HaTcH
01-01-05Hey hey hey! Happy 2005! w00t! Updated teh fanart section with the finished work of Lone Drifter. Theres also an animation.HaTcH
12-22-04Added the Jokes section... Much bigger than it was last time, I'm also uploading currently the ccep5 screenies. <3HaTcH
12-16-04Not too much to report, except CC04 screens have been uploaded, textgened and are t3h r0x0rs!!!1! Added the AMV section under Media too. ;)HaTcH
12-15-04Only 10 more shopping days till christmas! But back to the union, I added CC ep 3 screenies.HaTcH
12-14-04Finally linked into the CC episode 1 screenies, I may do episode 2 tonight too. HaTcH
12-13-04Recieved fanart comments from Lone Drifter. Hes also got some new artwork that I'm not going to release until he gets back to me. And thats about it! Oh yeah, added some more stuff to the layout here and there. HaTcH
12-12-04More GUI enhancements. I added those 2 graphics to the layout, the schneider and the liger on the bottom corner. I've been informed by many people the site was kindof boring. So heres my answer. Though I'm not quite done yet. but you gotta admit, it looks pretty nice! <3.HaTcH
11-06-04Fixed a few spelling mistakes, uploaded some missing images, and created the Fandom submission page.HaTcH
11-02-04LUv3 has finally been released! Please report bugs like missing images/pages to zoider2k@netscape.netHaTcH
09-14-04New site work is under way.HaTcH
09-13-04This is but a test block to see how nice the table handles wrapping and rather long paragraphs of descriptions, including really lengthy sentences!HaTcH
07-20-04More new fanart from Lone Drifter. Don't forget to vote on it!HaTcH
07-13-04New fanart from Z Tech added today. Also got around to posting the guest mail I've been sitting on.HaTcH
06-30-04Got more fanart and stuff. Did some general updating. Also added a link to "MOMONGA."HaTcH
06-19-04Talk about motivation problems.. Theres been numerous items in my inbox for weeks, I finally posted em. User Model reviews from Wolfe. Also some new fanart.HaTcH
06-07-04Well I'm out of school for the summer!! YEAH!! 4.0 :p Anyway, I have recieved 2 fanarts by a new artist, you can view the images in the "by type" fanart section for now. Uhuo.. I just remembered it was this timle last year that I promised a new layout.. ahh.. well maybe.. Who Else?
06-02-04More new fanart by Donald below. Don't forget to rate it!HaTcH
05-22-04Ok, KaderC has sent in a fanart of Liger Zero Phoenix. Have a look!HaTcH
05-15-04Wow! Its already may, and starting to look nice! Well, its long since due: new fan art by Nataku. Enjoy!HaTcH
04-26-04I made a new link banner thats probably the best one yet. Also, GZ is now located at www.GenerationZi.com.HaTcH
04-25-04Did some minor UI work on the model section. NOthing really major.HaTcH
04-22-04Hey, this is a pretty cool update long comming. I added a User Model Submition Form for all you folks eager to submit a review! You can find it under the Zoids model section.HaTcH
04-17-04I added a ton of images to episodes 17 - 20 in the SS section. Man, the screenies from episode 20 (Shadow Fox) are amoung my favorites.HaTcH
04-15-04Saweeeet! The screenshot section revamp is complete! (dramatic reverb) Have a lookey, send me email with your oppinions. (BTW, Now its easier to add screenies to the site, so expect new files often!HaTcH
04-11-04New affiliate "Blue Sky" has been added. (Yep, thats Jammer's Site all right!) Anyway, I have episode 1 sorted out, you can view it like this for now: /show/ep01/1.html. But good luck..HaTcH
04-11-04Happy easter folks! To business: I decided that it's too difficult to view the screenshots by filename, like if your looking for liger picture, its probably under some other onomatpopeia name like band or slam. So the screenshot section will be down until further notice. I also have some new screenies to add just to wet your whistle..HaTcH
04-08-042 more chapters for Genki's Fic DBTT, 32, and 33 have been uploaded.HaTcH
03-22-04I just downloaded Mozilla FireFox browser and WOW.. Its pretty cool. Its recomended to you by me. But back to the update; I used FFox to view some of my screenshot pages and I realized that the images only go centered for IE. So I edited the code to TextGen and Fixed the pages..HaTcH
03-21-04Genki has sent in ch 29-31 of DBTT, edited and posted. I'm still working of getting more screenshots and an area to browse by episode. Hopefully this will come in handy when I write the Episode Reviews. Added a link to Natsumi's Zoids. Contains lots of stuff on customized zoids. Check the Links.HaTcH
03-15-04The server sorted itself out and we are back online. The New Screenies are up to date and I even threw in a Fan Submittion in there! TTYL.HaTcH
03-10-04Huge update of screenshots! Some of the images will not display correctly, but I am working on it. I think there was like 88 images... I even worte software to dynamically generate the pages! (that was tough)HaTcH
02-29-04The "leap" day! Cool. Hey, I added Chapters 23, 24, and 25 of DBTT by Genki. Other than that, its been pretty quiet. I've decided to nix all past rateings (essentially re-do the page), as its really impossible to judge artwork. However, the rateings accumulated in the poll will be sent to the author confidentially.HaTcH
02-13-04Added some user model reviews. PK says that hes got like 50 more... *cringe*HaTcH
02-07-04New fanart addition and 3 new chapter in Dragon Ball TT (20-22). I have created a new system. When fanart is submitted, it gets voted on instead of me putting a rateing on it. This vote goes on until the next is submited or 2 weeks.HaTcH
01-15-04Well, I saw VanZero do it, so I figured, what the heck; I created a channel on IRC so everyone here could chat. Goto contacts for information.HaTcH
01-03-04New Linkness to "Bit Cloud Shrine". Check for it in links section. Joined ZE topsite. Also, I figured that it would take too long to update every navbar, so im gonna just update the ones of the pages that I update. :p HaTcH
01-03-04Added the long awaited contact section. Hopefully i'll get more mail now! =] I also added and changes some stuff on the downloads section.HaTcH
01-02-04Updated with a model review of the Shadow Fox.HaTcH
12-31-03Well, last post for the year, See you in 2004! Anyway, its been proposed for new linkage and I'm awaiting the owner's response. Also, check back for updates to the screenshots page. I have TONS more sitting on my hard drive, just need to get around to post them. On a lighter note, sorry for the adds, the free stuff I've been using has recently started to display them. When I get some plastic, I'm gonna get a paid-for webhost.HaTcH
12-19-03New Anime Music Video "Imagine" has been released. E-Mail Zoider2k@netscape.net for information on how to get it. Number of Inquiries: 00.HaTcH
12-15-03New Fanwork Submitted by AA_1 called Dagger Teeth. (below).HaTcH
11-26-03New Linkage to 'Lightning Saix! Orisha's Jack Sisco Page.' Check the links section.HaTcH
11-26-03Posted TigerDan's latest, see below.HaTcH
11-23-03Its about time I update huh? Well I'm happy to say, Genki's Dragon Ball TT fanfic has finally been finished.HaTcH
11-11-03Re-Coded the garble below to make it more orderly. Also have up to chapter 16 of DBTT done. Only 3 left! Almost forgot, re-did fuzors section. Better info is comming as time goes on.HaTcH
11-02-03Got chapters 12 and 13 up for Dragon Ball TT, did minor link work.HaTcH
10-27-03Uploaded newest fanart, Shadow Fox 3, problem is that it originally was made on two pieces of paper...Posted Below.HaTcH
10-23-032 Chapters and Regular maintenance.HaTcH
10-17-03Friday... School Ends... Eat Spaghetti... Post Chapter 9...HaTcH
10-13-03The tension builds as Genki releases chapter EIGHT.HaTcH
10-09-03Chapter 7 Up.HaTcH
10-05-03New Fuzor information has been posted. Seems its on tv already? I don't know...Also Chapter 6 is up.HaTcH
10-03-03Dragonball TT is now officially 5/19ths complete. Check it by clicking fanfic.HaTcH
09-29-03Numeral IV of the growing 19 part saga that is, DragonBall TT, has been edited and posted. Sorry for the wait Genki... saved the rtf file somewhere else so I had to make due with the CWK file.HaTcH
09-18-03Got chapters 2 and 3 done for DBTTHaTcH
09-15-03Not too bad, only took 2 days for that to work... =] New Fanfic, DragonBall TT is up with first chapter and the rest is up to the author when the rest will be submitted.HaTcH
09-11-03Argh, the drudgery of 11th grade moves on. Too bad the only update is a fanmail addon. WHERES THE FANART and STORIES??!! C'mon! But on a more serious note, I ask that you being a visitor of my website, take a moment of silence to reflect on the tradgety of 9/11...Thank you, --Never ForgetHaTcH
08-31-03Got some more news on Fuzor, and thats about it... Heh. I've decided to make that page a bit more permanent. Temporary Link on the bottom of the navbar.HaTcH
08-29-03No updates for a while, School started... That explains it. I fixed up my old scanner and I think the scans look alot better. Check Below.HaTcH
08-13-03Nothing new to report today except I got some neat stuff translated. The Liger's armor units' names are actually in german. Panzer=Tank, Schneider=Cutter, and my favorite, J´┐Żer=Hunter. Hope I de-confused some of you!HaTcH
08-11-03New fanart from Tiger Dan, and more info on Zoids Fuzor. Also, there is a new Virus threat. If for some reason you get an RPC error, visit http://securityresponse.symantec.com/.../w32.blaster.worm.html . It got me, and im just warning you.HaTcH
08-10-03My first considered Affiliate, Animenight.org (yes finally, being as how I was linked to them when it was under construction with the judge drinking a cup...) Image pending. Give em a visit.HaTcH
08-05-03New Topsite addition. If its good ill reproduce the link on all pages, also, got 2 Gunsniper CG's hot off the press. Thanks Nujevad.HaTcH
07-31-03King Liger has sent me some fanart, thus qualifying for an artist page. And the link please [drumroll] Ta-da, below and a wealth of information on zoids fuzor! Just like I wanted! You can read about it here.HaTcH
07-31-03Did a little image editing and made a new banner for the Union and UGF. Go Here. I was bored.. what can I say?HaTcH
07-30-03Not much to report, but HEY! IM BACK FROM AZ! New Linkage to UGF and some fan mail but thats about it.HaTcH
07-17-03J. pulido Sent in his Subneras and Megatoise. Sorry for the delay ;-). If thers any error in links, email me and I'll fix em.HaTcH
07-10-03Going to Newyork for the Weekend so dont expect any updates until after I get back, Mr. J. Crites, fear not, i have the files nearly completed! The User Review Section is now up and running, again, report glitches to me (zoider2k@netscape.net).HaTcH
07-07-03Got some new stuff for ya fellow zoiders! Actually its 3 pieces of fanart. Zoid FREAK has some new stuff for me too, so I have to write some new html files, but I will say this; Its Related Zoids Model Reviews. Maybe Finally I'll finish em ;-)>.HaTcH
07-03-03Yeahp... FINALLY! Its been weeks of not being able to update due to a flaw in login on this server! But now, finally, I can post all of the fanart that was sent to me prior. During the break I also, Got a job, re-did the amvs (on KaZaA) and made plans to goto Arizona to see my cousin! WOW...HaTcH
06-18-03Still awaiting word from anyone who knows about the new Zoids Series. Rumor has it (At (Anime Admirer's) that it was called Zoids Fuzor and that (I Think) its a sequel to Zoids/Zero.HaTcH
06-17-03King Liger sent in the Jackal, below, and Tiger Dan re submitted a bigger Fury drawing.HaTcH
06-13-03YESSS!!! Schools out for Summer!! Party! Party! Back to reality; Totally (almost) rearanged the FanArt type file. Its much, much nicer now. Also I redid the topsite tables to get rid of not working pictures. Also Also, I reworked navigation in the screenshots section (what a job).HaTcH
06-08-03Well last night after taking the SAT, I felt like drawing a zoid so i drew the Fury. Pic Below.HaTcH
06-06-03Just today I recieved a letter asking if I st this site sold zoids models or DVD's. No I dont. Personally though i get my Anime DVD from The Right Stuf, and I get the models by shopping around. Try Yahoo Shopping.HaTcH
06-04-03I love checking my email and finding artwork! Sanga sent in 2 beautiful blue-pen drawings, Sniper and Zero, which is below.HaTcH
05-28-03More fanart by Rikku was submitted, One is Below.HaTcH
05-18-03Hey, don't ya know! Wal-Mart comes thru. I was just there and got 4 models (in a value pack) for only 10 bucks. Not bad eh? So expect model reviews soon. Pic BelowHaTcH
05-02-03Pheno contacted me on two things, some miss information under the story section and also wants to link. Updated that too. (Click links button) And i also made a new banner (88x31) thats only 3 kb.HaTcH
04-25-03DkNo sent in some FanArt of Naomi Fleugal. Tres Bien.HaTcH
04-19-03Ruki sent in Chapter 7 of the Ice Melts. Finally posted after some time. Wanna know why? 'cuz I got 60 more gigs in my computer =)>.HaTcH
04-14-03What?! No action in a week?! Well im still here, and obviously, someother people think so, King Liger for instance sent in some fanart (below).HaTcH
04-07-03A few weeks ago, I told you I was going to bring you something new.. well its here! Click The Screenshots button. HaTcH
04-03-03The newest of my fanarts: The "Cross mojanation" of a Command Wolf and a Liger. Pretty cool, yes?HaTcH
04-02-03I've had some of Tiger Dan's work in my inbox for over a week, finally posted it, sorry for the wait.HaTcH
03-24-03DkNo sent me a better quality version of the Geno Breaker. Bigger and prettier!HaTcH
03-23-03Chapters 4&5 of The Warring Years are now up. Check it out. 2 more days till birthday.HaTcH
03-22-03Kirstin sent in an interesting Concept Shield Liger. (below) also I have added comment fields where the stars are on the fanart page.HaTcH
03-17-03Just wanted to tell you... i have some new stuff comming down the pipe, it will be a little while though, a prewiew is below ;). Im saddened that you people don't send me fanmail! Tell me what I need!(besides a miracle)HaTcH
03-12-03More updates With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Redid a few glitches, and the model directory.HaTcH
03-11-03Updates With Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are on the way. Namely the mouse over links (cool how they change huh?). I can't seem to come up with a good color scheme, tell me what I should make them Here. At 11:30, I finished redoing all html files in the base directory... more comming tomorrow.HaTcH
03-06-03Changing around the Downloads section, you cant dl No Future anymore, but in its place, you can get the compressed version of my best amv yet. "Zoids Ran So Far Away". Still have 5 megs free.. gotta add some other stuff... Later.HaTcH
03-04-03Anyone realize what yesterday was? 03-03-03... freaky, well back to business... Rob sent in chapter 3 of his growng fanfic. Keep up the good work man. ;)HaTcH
03-01-03Rikku submitted some fanart, "Stealth Liger" Below. Barrows's "Warring Years" Fanfic has been posted as well. Thanks to everyone who supports us!HaTcH
02-26-03Ruki submitted the FanFic "The Ice Melts." Incomplete, but recomended reading. Go Here.HaTcH
02-24-03I updated the look of the FanMail section... made it blend in! ;-). 2nd order of business-New Zoids Series?! I need info bad. Drop me a line at Zoider2k@netscape.net.HaTcH
02-23-03Ussj has submitted 1 more pic of Van. I have decided to post the latest submitted images below. Also, 2 more model revies are up; the Pteras and the Schneider.HaTcH
02-21-03Ussj has submitted 2 People Drawings, Raven and Van. Go and check em out, they are good.HaTcH
02-15-03Got the last Zoids Zero DVD the other day... Crappy Cover, best episodes. More on that later. Also put together the Fuhrer...OMG what an amazing model. Oh and one more thing... people have been telling me that the Music video dosen't work-- u need to get wm9 codecs. Goto Windows Update, run scan, and select the codec only. (WMP9 is glitchy)HaTcH
02-08-03OK! It is finally up! Now you can go and DL my 3rd Zoids AMV. go here. Send Feedback to me at Zoider2k@netscape.net.HaTcH
02-04-03Not really an update but a status report... I am in the process of making a 3rd AMV for zoids. Using music from Pink Floyd, "Young Lust" will be avaliable to download shortly.HaTcH
01-30-03Tiger Dan has sent two more Fan Arts (in COLOR).HaTcH
01-27-03WOW! I just realized that 2 days ago was The Union's First aniversary! Happy birthday L.U! consider the zoids model review as the present!HaTcH
01-26-03How bout that? HaTcH pulls through for ya! I have the Zoids model section open to the public. More reviews comming.HaTcH
01-15-03Dan sent 2 more Blade Ligers in color, thus qualifying for an author page. DanHaTcH
01-12-03Tiger Dan has sent me 2 fanart pictures a Liger Zero and a Panzer. I like em, do You?HaTcH
01-06-03Still another update by Paul, very nice Liger Picture!HaTcH
01-02-03Thanks CN for finally showing the last 4 episodes of CC! Great.HaTcH
01-01-03Addition of Fan art by 3 people this time, Dark Fang, Paul, and Ruki. Alos updated the theory page. View It.HaTcH
12-23-02More art form Paul i got, and a very nice surprise by Ruki, above. (I've said it before and I'll say it again) Thanks!HaTcH
12-16-02Wow, almost a month since the last update. Well, im pleased to inform everyone that the gallery is revisd with new CG and The fan art section is done with an addition by Paul. Thanks!HaTcH
11-18-02Ronin has asked me to forward a message on to you fellow zoiders. He like myself is upset with the CC schedule change. Ask to get them to play the last few episodes. To voice your oppinion, goto: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/gen/help/index.html and fill out their fourm.HaTcH
11-17-02Final Lyrics Post: The Downloads Page is completed, now you can dl the songs.HaTcH
11-16-02Another Lyrics Post: My best friend actually made sense of the lyrics to the songs and changed my entire perception of them. Click the 'lyrics' button.HaTcH
11-09-02Finished the Lyrics section and updated the navbar (more uniform). Thanks Ruki (^_^)HaTcH
11-09-02In the middle of huge update weekend. Gonna change poll around, The results are as follows: of 48 votes; 83% said the liger was male, 4% female, 4% neither, and 8% of you didn't care. The long put off gallery update is now finished. Also, the FanMail file is done.HaTcH
11-08-02All right, as for foreign relations, example being Mopock, I have tried to establish a "link trade" as it seems... Read On...HaTcH
11-06-02I uploaded some images so now the pictures of Zoids in the fanart sections are rated from .5 to 5 stars.HaTcH
10-28-02Added a section for my Junk with TONS of jokes. Check it out here.HaTcH
10-25-02Wow... havent been on in a while, sorry... But, i have news that i was given info about who and what the artunknown file was. Thankyou l)arkZero & Raven.HaTcH
10-10-022 Sets of big news, 1: I recieved news from RightStuf That my fourth zoids dvd is gonna be in on the 14th=] 2: Gettin More hits per day than i ever saw in one day!HaTcH
10-05-02Ever have an epiphany? i just did while playing starcraft. its about time travel etc... Read about it here. theory.html(4k)HaTcH
10-02-02I decided to can the idea of having a list of zoids. So im going to write about the models I own. Ok? ok.HaTcH
09-28-02Well i talked to the owner of SOZ fanfic and it turns out i copied his email address wrong.. heh. its actually MaverickWolf2002@aol.com. What an update that was. 3.5 hrs.HaTcH
09-25-02No updates for a while, sorry. Schools pretty much had my time chewed up. I'll work on it though.HaTcH
09-24-02Oh man! Ordered the Shadow Fox tonight. This is sweet...HaTcH
09-14-02Im revising the links here and anyone listed who i dont have a banner for better get me one... ;-]. Oh ya, i know how bad the gallery html files are but well they were first. Ill have em redone soon.HaTcH
09-12-02Well yesterday was a very nice memorial service i thought. I just want you poeple who lost someone last year to know my heart goes out to you. God Bless America!HaTcH
09-07-02Been a long time since i rocked and rolled.. Well i just want people to know i support toonami and their goal at bringing anime to americaHaTcH
08-28-02FanArt Section Complete. Go check it out.HaTcH
08-27-02Browsing thru websites i find ones with 30000 hits and they started in the middle of the year! ive been around since January and all I have to show is 800 hits? half of witch are me? If anyone has info on topsites or affiliation, please contact me!! zoider2k@netscape.netHaTcH
08-26-02It took a while but i finally successfully coded the navbar to the left.HaTcH
08-21-02After about 4 hours of work, i finally got the SOZ fanfic edited and posted.HaTcH
08-20-02I was up in NY fishing for the weekend so i come home and check my email
and here i have a huge file that has like so many fanfics in it
from my friend so i am going to start finishing soz off and add a few more stories. WOW.
08-12-02Just re-arranging things a bit. The missing files will be uploaded soon too.HaTcH
07-30-02I uploaded some sound files that ill probably use after a while. Sound
07-21-02Facelift!!! give me some advice zoider2k@netscape.netStill more to Come tho...
07-20-02Counter will not be supprted anymore :-(, 2nd Zoids DVD is being shipped. Thankyou RightStuf
07-06-02New fanfic "GSCY" added chapter 2, 3 comming soon.
view source non wordwrapped... its pretty cool looking.
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