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My Pledge: To bring you Zoiders a high-quality website that you can enjoy to be in. I have, currently, the highest quality media this side of Zi, from screenshots, to model pics, a wide assortment of fanwork and even music videos!
Let me borrow a quote from Walla-B, and ZBR 24:7 "...If there is a broken link, I'll fix it, maybe, if I feel like it." although that website doesn’t exist anymore, I still like to give credit.

OMG You found an error??: Please! Please! I'm only human and there are over 300 individual pages to maintain here, if you come across something that doesn't work TELL ME ABOUT IT! Often times PHP scrips are replaced with older versions and I don't notice or perhaps don't realise. You can email me no sweat or use the guest book.

My location: Pennsylvania, where "if the mosquitoes don't get you the taxes will." City: Wilkes-Barre, Suburb: Bear Creek

Time: I used to say I plan to have this site last for ever, or atleast until one of the following happen: 1. My server shuts down, 2. I get old and die, or 3. The internet becomes obsolete. 4. Or if I'm bought out for a nice large sum. =], which ever happens first. But well, with school and everything it may fall behind in updates. I do devote time to LU, its usually things that the user doesn't see, such as background PHP scrips, but updates do happen, even if I don't report them in the news.

Colors: I've noticed that my site looks VERY dark on many CRT monitors. The problem is, most people don't adjust their monitor for a nice optimal contrast/brightness, instead leave it at probably 50/50 or their factory default. I designed Liger's Union on an LCD monitor which is by nature much more colorful than a regular monitor, so to get the best effect while visiting this site using a CRT monitor, (and viewing any media in general) adjust your monitor to be brighter. The below test image is a pretty good way to determine if you monitor is bright enough. If you can just see the text, then you are good. If you don't believe me that there is text there, you need to make your monitor brighter.
Other People: Well, I for one am not a speaker of Japanese so I enlisted the help of Ruki Kamiya. So... that's where the nice Liger's Union in Japanese came from! Thanks again! Thanks to Jammer Lea (Aff: Blue Sky) for the kick butt banner ^^ and advice on this or that. Do not worry though folks, LUv4 will be nice and customizable, including selectable Cascading Style Sheets similar to the ones on this page. If you are using a w3c compliant browser, check under the view menu or tools or options for "Page Style:" or alternate style sheets, something to that effect. The red is the only one I've really delt with so far, and the classic theme is just for laughs.

Version: This design was created by me, HaTcH, and is LU's version 3.0. It really has no official name, other than perhaps TabWorks or H-Tabs. I use a program I wrote YEARS ago called TextGen to make the DVD section, but all the rest is 100 percent pure home typed HTML. (So lets just call it LUv3. <3) The news has been archived since 7-06-02. Site opened first in Jan. 25, 2002 at 3:20pm (8th period school). Maintained on 1280x 1024, built for 800x600+.

Ads?: Since I moved the site to the new host, there are no ads, you're probably like SWEET! So was I... But anyway, I think this is worth keeping anyway. To the file %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (no extension), add the following lines: localhost media.fastclick.net pagead.googlesyndication.com pagead3.googlesyndication.com pagead2.googlesyndication.com
Save the file and restart. (If you are using Mozilla, its nice enough to not even show the place holder for the adverts.) If you find the host names for other ad servers, add them to this file in the same fashion. It works for everything! Oh one more thing, if you want a nice massive hosts file, you can download one from me here. Just replace (or back up your old one first) the old with the new. Don't copy and paste from the browser, right click and save as instead.

Disclaimer: Heres the part you all were waiting for...
Liger's Union website is owned and maintained by HaTcH. May the viewer be aware, he has no affiliation with the creators of Zoids, but is true fan. Zoids is legally owned by Tomy, © 1983-2006. Liger's Union is intellectual property of Kyle Hatcher 2002-2012. Reproduction of absolutely anything without my expressed permission is prohibited (inc. images, layout, text, etc..).

Also understand that anything submitted becomes part of Liger's Union as a whole and your submission gives me permission to do with it what I see fit. (please read the artwork guidelines before submitting for more info). I will never take credit for work that isn't mine or sell it.

"Here's the short, short version" -Spaceballs
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